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Pop-up Window Example
Cultural Flooding

I’ve recently focused my practice around an allegory named “cultural flooding”.
It is my tool for treating subjects within internet culture or late capitalism. Modeled after the image of online culture; it is based in absurdity, poetics and playfulness. I hope that from my wor

d plays, image associations or flowcharts can inspire some balanced insights on a culture evolving faster than we can grasp comfortably. I utilise complex allegorical language to refrain from spiraling into arbitrary visions of our potential futures. I try to create relatable content to those already submerged in internet culture, but also for those less familiar with its often niche references.

2021/Digital collage
Hiding / Embracing

2021/Digital collage

Feeding off of each other’s words like catching butterflies
is in fact history in the making
It takes form every second that passes
The proof that we’ve mastered culture
mastery is collaboration
collaboration is community
community is a mob
a mob is a flood
A flood is culture mastered
our time, is one of cultural flooding
The time in which we create is now
our pop references are being born today
actualizing more than the self, actualizing the real
How can artists contribute
how do we create culture if it is already fully there
do we go down the waterslide
Do we drown
Make waves
are we even noticeable
How deep does the water go

Mainstream and Alternative currents

If the Mainstream (main-stream) is the realm of the mimic, normalization and reproduction..Alternative (currents) are the realm of entropy. Entropy used to emerge from the mainstream - in response to it. Now, currents have replaced the mainstream - entropy is birthing from other entropies (currents forming from currents).

2021/Digital collage
Mainstream Poetry

2021/Digital collage

2021/Digital collage Territorial Poetry

Collapsed Wave
Online Territory