Alfred Muszynski   Pop-up Window Example ︎ 

We Made You As You Are

The short film “We made you as you are” is a study of the Mile High Club, a skyscraper under construction in the video game GTA V. It will never see the light of day and has not been conceived to ever see the light of day either, it is a construction site engineered as a construction site. This type of creation represents something incomparable to the architecture happening outside video games, it captures a moment in the process of construction and turns it into a final product. It invents a future that will never come to be, and time becomes something to fake. Looking at the construction site as an end rather than a process is a potential that is unique to this video game architecture.

Its only purpose is to make it seem like the world you inhabit is changing, as an attempt to mimic how a real city behaves. Construction workers are stationed there, standing in a circle, on an eternal coffee break, and equipment is left unattended, unused. The result is similar to the uncanny valley, not quite fake but not quite real enough. Its permanence is also worth pondering upon. While it will outlive us, it will not bear the marks of our passing. This is an impermeable architecture and a new kind of permanence specific to the digital,  and should invite us to rethink our connection to the built environement.